Second Verse .........

Same as the first.
A little bit louder.
And a little bit worse.

(Now you, too, have that song stuck in your head!  Thanks Herman's Hermits!)

No ..... we are still in that awful weather pattern.

Rain ... rain ... and more rain.

We had 4.3" of rain on Monday.

Then we dried up on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday ........... only to have the skies open up again on Saturday.

We have cancelled book clubs, mom's groups, classical guitar recitals and basket weaving groups because of rain.

I am certain  .... if we schedule it .... it will rain.

And now it is Monday again ......... and more rain is on the way.  Along with some heat and the humidity that only comes from growing corn.

A little bit louder.
And a little bit worse.


We did have some great weather on Thursday.

So ...... here is the secret I have been holding for a month or so.

Iowa Public Television and the show Iowa Ingredient made a visit to Miss Eff's on Thursday!!!!

The. Most. Beautiful. Day of the Year.

Hands down.  Gorgeous.  Happy Dance Day.

Courtesy of IPTV

So -- if you know Honey and I at all .... you know that we are PBS fans.  Some would call us PBS addicts and junkies.  Yep.  I won't deny that.

I heart Downton Abbey.  
I love Call the Midwife.
I have a celebrity crush on Ken Burns,
Or Sherlock ...... I really can't decide. 
I learn a ton about science and history from Nova and Secrets of the Dead.
America's Test Kitchen improves my cooking skills and Nancy Zieman makes me want to sew.
I watch This Old House over and over and over again.

(And we named our new kittens after Norm and Tommy!  Already had Roger!)

So can you imagine how I jumped up and down with excitement when Iowa Ingredient wanted to come to Miss Eff's?????

So you want to know what ingredient does Miss Eff have????  Well ... we do have edible flowers if you would like but we were interviewed for a segment that runs at the end of the show called.... On the Side.

Courtesy of IPTV

 Just a small slice of what else is going on in Iowa's growing community.  

But don't look for us anytime soon.  The segment will air sometime late spring of 2016.

That made for a super cool Thursday on the farm.

Now my secret is out .... 

My farm looked good.  There is still a lot of things on the To-Do list.

But they won't get done today.

Cue the rain!



Michelle said…
PBS junkies here, too. So excited for you!
colleen said…

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