Starting my day off with a bang!

It is 6:45 am.

The breeze is gentle and the sun is comfortable as Honey and I sit on the patio, in the Gumby chairs.

It is early.  I am still in my jammies ..... my cup is full of Mississippi Grogg coffee from Dubuque.  The rich smell of hazelnut is slowly waking me up.

Cats are on our laps and sitting on the arms of the chairs as we discuss the plans for the day.

Projects and weather.  Sewing and supper. And those two home improvement shows we had already watched this morning. 

All those big important discussions of life. 

What color of shades to I buy for the bedroom?  Do we need a new coverlet?  Do we have enough bottled water for our customers today?

Crash!  Bang! 

And then that sound of breaking pottery and glass that no words can describe ........ but we all know!

Barefoot ... as usual ... I run into the kitchen to see ................

the floor.

Covered in  broken pottery, spilled cake flour, vinegar, and dented cans.  Pieces of wood hung mid-air ....with no visual means of support.

Well --- I really didn't see the floor.  I saw cans of corn and beans, pickles and spices.  Boxes of cocoa.  And lots of rice, mixed with shards of Pyrex.

The 35 year old wall cabinet ........ bit the dust.


Committed suicide by jumping off the wall ............ and taking my really cute tea-pot that looked like a chicken sitting on a nest ........ with it.

Smashed my beautiful snapdragons but fortunately, didn't break the water pitcher I was using as a vase.


Suddenly .... the tape measure comes out.  The shade samples get put away.  And I take another look at the coverlet .... thinking it could handle another dye job!!!

And the kitchen is suddenly sent to the top of The List.  
Unfortunately, my bank account doesn't seem to agree with that assessment.  So it will be done ... a few pieces at a time.

Wanna buy some flowers????


colleen said…
Oh no!!!! I can only imagine how you were feeling when you saw what happened. That sure put a new meaning to "starting the day off with a bang"!
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a real mess! And in early morning, a real bummer. Sorry

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