The perfect diet .......

Or .... don't read while eating.

A few weeks ago, my boss at Scott Community College informed me that they needed more instructors for the ServSafe program.

ServSafe is the food sanitation program that is needed to work in more and more schools, hospitals, nursing homes and  restaurants.

Teaching the class gives me another chance to grow and learn .... and make some money.  So I was willing to go through the program.

THEN .... I get the call a couple of weeks ago.

We have a class starting on Monday.  Can you take it?  

Uhhhhhhh ........ it's July.  I have started with some canning.  And the weeds are reaching critical level.  And do I have the brain power to study and memorize right this very moment??

So on July 20 -- I settled behind a desk for 6 hours of instruction.   

And I did it again this past Monday.

I studied and studied.  I learned about e.coli and botulism.  I learned about hand-washing and equipment problems.  And I learned to use a thermometer .... over and over again.

I had Honey quiz me on terms and bacterias and parasites.

And then it was time to take  the exam ....................

And everything I studied flew out the window!!!!!  (Not really .... but I don't know the results of my test yet.)

Until this morning .... and I read this article.

 Cyclosporiasis!!!!  Symptoms include vomiting, stomach cramps, substantial weight loss ... etc, etc.

Yea ..... I might be living off water for a while!

Oh wait!!!!!  Contaminated water can cause e.coli or cryptosporidum or shigella!!


OK -- I might be living on love!  ;)


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