The evolution of flowers

I have been mulling over the week's activities and the customers that have come to the farm.

When you start a business ... you have one idea in mind. 

This is what I am going to do and this is how I am going to do it.

People were going to come to the farm and I was going to sell them flowers.

Then .... people liked the farm.  They liked sitting and relaxing here with their friends.

 I will give them a place to relax in the shade.  

The corn-zebo was born.  It was a place to sit and talk.  Then it was a place to picnic and now ... it is both!

Those initial ideas evolve.  

I need someplace to sell eggs that wasn't in my kitchen.  So the Summer Kitchen and its swoooopy roof appeared on the eastern horizon.  It, too has changed  over the years and I am pleased with what it has become.

And then there was Tuesday ................

Honey was on the ladder, putting up siding.  I was doing laundry and trying to straighten out the disaster that is my kitchen.

A car pulled in the driveway ........

I greeted the woman and asked if I could help her.  Turns out she had been sent my way .... she was scouting locations for a commercial.

I showed her around the farm quickly and then let her look around to find areas that might work for her project.

We knew that we didn't have what her client wanted  ............. this time.

She loved the curve of the lane .... the sides of the barn .... the way the house sits on the land and its relationship to the hills of the gravel road.

There may be a new niche in my marketing plan.

I will give them a place to shoot commercials and ads. 

Evolution ..... its not just for monkeys.


Michelle said…
May the producers come with pocketsful of cash! ;-)

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