It is day two on the window replacement.

And ... as both Honey and I knew ..... an #oldhouseproblem raised its ugly head.

The window was not sealed properly and water leaked.  The frame and some of the studs were rotted.  We were not surprised.  Fortunately, the damage was fairly minimal and quickly and easily fixed.

The new window is smaller so a new frame was needed.  Honey completed it and replaced some of the sheathing on the wall.

Then 4 o'clock came.

Honey started the project at 7 am.

He had been up and down the ladder.

Walked back and forth to the shop.

Measured twice and cut once.

It was humid and hot.

And he was tired.

He wanted to get the window installed but accidents and mistakes happen when you are tired.

I had checked the weather .... no storms on the radar.  No percentage for rain.  But the tv meteorologists had been predicting a pop-up storm.

I suggested just putting a tarp on the hole and finish putting in the window in the morning.  Honey thought a better option was tossing up a piece of scrap plywood.

Thank God for Honey's better ideas as a few minutes later .... we got 3/4" of rain!  (For which my garden was quite grateful!!!)

So here is a picture of Friday's progress .............

Today will bring a new view of my world!!


So excited for you and your new windows. We will only have a total of 7 windows in our new GBH but man I am deeply in love with each of them. Who knew we farm woman could be so attached to that outside view?

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