Honey and I met 19 years ago.

We were in our 40's.

We have discovered something ...... we don't move as fast as we used to.

Gees!!!  Why does everything take twice as long as we thought it would????

So everyone under the age of 40 who says ... You're not done with that yet??? ......... wait.  Just you wait.

OK.  In our defense, we did have two days of rain this weekend.  And as they say on This Old House, moisture is a house's enemy.  You don't want to put tar paper on a wet surface and you don't want to install wood siding on top of wet tar paper.

Window installed ... now on to new siding.

Which brings me to another point.


We are using tar paper.  Not Tyvek.  Tyvek is perfect if you are using a synthetic siding such as vinyl or aluminum.  But we are using cedar siding and it needs to breath.  Tar paper is recommended by people that restore old houses.

That would be us.

Finding the right profile for the siding has been difficult.

OK.  Impossible.

We can order massive quantities of the right size but we don't have the place to store it.  Nor the time to get it installed.  So Honey buys what he needs .... cuts it to size..... primes all surfaces and then cuts it to fit.

That might be delaying progress a tad!  ;)

So here we go with some pictures.

New siding is under the window ....

We added a 2x4 piece of trim to reflect the piece that is original to the front porch.  It is little details like this that are important on a restoration to keep it from looking "remuddled". 

The tiny little door/window goes into the attic.  We have debated this detail a lot.  There is no window or screen ... just a framed opening in the attic with this door. 

We have found no earthly reason for the door.  It  is 10 feet plus off the ground.  It has no handle from the outside.  It is a mystery to us.

I think for energy conservation the "door" is going away.  It is kind of cute .... but I think $'s will outweigh cute in this case!

I will post more pictures and progress after the weekend.

I have decided that we are turtles ...

and we only make progress by sticking out our necks!


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