The first step............

Every house remodel starts with a first step.

As you know .... the kitchen re-do has been mulling in my mind for years.  Maybe decades.  We are almost up to a score.

Last year, we ordered a window in September.  We had hoped to get the window in place before winter.  Which didn't happen because the window wasn't done.

This old house was built 123 years ago in 1892.  And most of the windows are original to the house.  There have been some upgrades to them .... new storms, elimination of the cords and weights ..... but basically the original windows or early replacements.

No fiberglass. No aluminum.  No vinyl.  Wood.

Except this 1970's casement window over my sink.  :(

Which has been the worst window in the house for the last 10 years.  It has been caulked shut for the last 5 years. 

And caulking shut a south window  .... in your kitchen .... when you don't have a/c ... during canning season.

Can you feel the heat????

Can you feel my pain????

So here is the new replacement.

Solid wood .. double-hung ... made to the National Historic Trust standards.  It was made by Carver Lumber yard in Milan, IL....... which really isn't a lumber yard but a source for reproducing moldings, carvings and windows for old houses.  Don't try to google them ..... they are old-school all the way.  But they did a great job on the window.

Solid wood windows ... custom made to match the existing windows take more time and more money than I would like to admit. 

The dishwasher I chose for the kitchen cost less.  Seriously.

When I hear television ads .... All windows for $200 ..... I want to know how long will those windows last!

We are going with a smaller window to match another window in the kitchen.  This will give me more space for wall cabinets ... and since we are moving the sink, the view doesn't matter.

This is going to be a project.  Cuz you have no ideas what kind of problems may exist in those walls until you open them up.

And we are sure there will be some. 


No doubt. 

You can bet on it.

Stay tuned to see if there is a new window and new wood siding on the house by the end of the weekend...... which is being extended till Wednesday in our world.  ;)

I'll be "picturizing" progress and problems as we go!

Wish Honey luck!!!!

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Barb said…
OH, I love that window! Won't it be grand to have it open now?!? :O)

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