Bad Blogger!


I have got to be the world's worst blogger.

I try.

But I seriously fail.

But here I am .... accepting the award for World's Worst Blogger.  Of course, there are no photos because I didn't blog about it!

Bad.  Bad.  Bad Blogger.

I have no excuse .......... okay, I do.  But life has been no more busy than usual.

Canning season has finally arrived at Miss Eff's.  Honey and I have been working it in bursts and spurts.

At the moment ... we have concentrated our efforts on apples and pears.

I have made caramel apple jam, pear jam, pear-vanilla jam, pear butter and apple pie filling.

And I haven't made a dent in the apple crop.

But tomatoes.

That shelf should be filled with tomatoes!

Filled! I say!

But instead ............ I have 50' of tomatoes that look like this ..........

And this .....

Oh .... there are hints of color.

But look!!!!

There is some red.  Some gold.  

But it is mid-September!!!!

Fried green tomatoes, anyone?????


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