Counting the days ............

When I started Miss Effie's, I planted a 20'x20' patch of flowers.

I had 16 chickens.  Barely enough eggs for ourselves and a few friends.

We had no ducks.

No shop.

And the garden had no weeds.

Just a little business that paid for the chicken feed and a few extras.

We hoped the business would allow us to have the lifestyle we wanted ........... home-canned tomatoes, hand knit socks and fresh bread rising in the oven.

And then ..... my little business grew.  The gardens got larger.  The chicken coop expanded and ducks roamed the garden, gobbling up the grasshoppers.

We built the Summer Kitchen .... and that suddenly went from a place to sell eggs and jams to stocking hand made aprons and hand embroidered tea towels.  Knitting went from the casual project of a pair of socks for Honey to hats and scarves and dishcloths and fingerless mitts. 

Do I have the latest style??  Are the colors current??  Is there a mix of pastel and bold and neutral colors? 


The work load exploded!

Then, I discovered that I enjoy teaching.  A lot.

But teaching has its own demands from working on recipes and handouts to grocery shopping and loading the car full of sewing machines and supplies.  And a 3 hour class suddenly takes 6 or 7 hours to prepare and complete.

And the gardens ............ the weeds grew well.


And now .... I am counting the days.

Honey will be joining the Miss Eff team full time next year!!!

And. I. Can. Not. Wait.

Because we will have home canned tomatoes, hand knit socks and freshly baked bread.

Count on it, Honey!


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