Scrappy ............


It has been 17 18 19 20  days since I blogged???

Where has the summer gone????

I'd love to make excuses like ........... the cat ate my homework.  But I don't think that will work.

Our life has been, well ........ busy. 

Which is good for us.

Bad for the blog.

One thing I have gotten done is some sewing.  Sort of.

I sew in a 7'x15' room that also function as my office and library.  And this little tiny room obviously is a spin-off storage area for an un-named craft store!

There are baskets full of yarn, a ladder full of folded fabric, boxes of thread, storage containers full of felt, jars full of buttons .......and shelves full of books, manuals and patterns.

A textile mill was bombed and everything landed in my sewing room.

(We won't discuss the fact that is it flower ordering time and there are catalogs and seed orders and scraps of notes EVERYWHEREEverywhere.  Really.)

So instead of trying to organize this disaster .......AGAIN(!!!)..... I made the decision to eliminate some of problem. 

I got scrappy.

Which really is the only way that a textile-based business can make any profit.  You have to get scrappy.

Like all good textile lovers  collectors hoarders .... I save every little scrap of fabric and yarn.  

I have been making sandwich bags ...

And tissue cozies.

And pennant banners.

The little tiny scraps left over from one yard of fabric that was used for this apron .........

became this pennant .......

And this tissue cozy.

And then .... I did the most. amazing. thing. ever!

I took those little bitty scraps ... the ones that are cut on the bias and curved edges and are less than 4" square................................

I threw them away!!!!

 I know!!  Who knew that it could be done???? 

So maybe two more days or sew of sewing all those little pieces into something .... I might be ready to dig into some aprons that are on the to-do list.

After all ..... I hit the fabric store yesterday and I have to put stuff away!


A collector.  I am a high end fabric collector.



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