It is here! It is here!!!

IF you are among the last two or three people that are left reading this blog .....

It is almost December 5th and Miss Eff's Country Cozy Christmas Bazaar is almost here!

To say that I have gone crazy is an understatement.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I have knitted, embroidered, and sewing my little fingers to the bone.  Every day ... every week .... has been a list of things to do.

None of them included housework.  :(

But ............ I did get a lot done.

The Summer Kitchen looks A. May. Zing.


To prove it ... here are some pics.

Tea towels and hand knit dishcloths

Jams, Julie's pottery and bowl covers

More beautiful pottery


Original oil paintings ... this was painted in Miss Eff's garden

Warm wool fingerless mitts ......... My fav!!!

And aprons ... lots of aprons!!!

So pop out to see Julie and I from 9 to 3 on Saturday.

We take cash and checks but no plastic.  Hey!!!  I have a live tree that we will be planting after the holidays.  I won't even do a fake tree!  So we don't take plastic.  ;)

We will give you a cookie and a hug ............but maybe not in that order!


colleen said…
I sure wish I lived handier as I would of been there for sure. Did you get a lot of customers?

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