Well ... Julie and I had a very successful bazaar.

At least .... that is the way it seemed in the Summer Kitchen.  It was cheek-to-cheek dancing around the Summer Kitchen all day. 

At one point .... I had to get out of the building because I was stuck between the pottery and a shopper that wanted to see the pottery and there was no place for me to go!!!

So I fled to the chilly comfort of inviting customers to eat more cookies ........... outside!

I have to say ..... our little efforts on spreading the word on the bazaar on social media worked.  And the incredible opportunity to show my wares on Paula Sand Live!  Paula called one day and said .... I hear you are having a bazaar and would you like to come on the show???


Uhhhhh .... YES!!

And those 5 minutes of air time brought so many people out to little old Donahue.  So many people that poor Honey had to do parking duty all day.  (He is not complaining one little bit!)

But the best comment of the day was from a gentleman that said ..... You gals know how to work social media.

Say whaaaat?????

In a world that tweets, posts, links, hashtags, pins and shares ............. I am a dinosaur.

I am less inept at Facebook than other social media. But I screw up constantly there!!!

I tweet because it is linked to Facebook.  I have tried Flicker, Tumblr and MeWe and more with NO luck what so ever.  I am lost in the ever growing list of must do media.

I try.  I really really try. 

But I am Jennifer Connolly in the Labyrinth.  Totally lost and every step seems blocked to me.

In the dark ages, tweets came out of birds.  Hashtags were pounds.  Dots were periods.  And posts were put in holes.

I need a 13 year old kid to help me navigate through this insane world.

Until then ...... you can find me #LMAO.


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