They will be Glad to see you ..........

Several weeks ago, I started working on flower orders.

This is going to be a very exciting year at Miss Eff's with lots of new stuff happening.

First of all, this guy is joining the gang at Miss Eff's (okay, he is joining me!) as head groundskeeper.

Thanks Trisha, for the photo.  It is one of my favorites!

Yep ..... 58 days till retirement.

OK .... we know the word "retirement at Miss Effie's" is code for ..........

OMG! He has never worked so hard in his life!

Poor guy.  Once upon a time, he needed something to do.  And then, he met me.  ;)  His Honey-Do list is longer than War and Peace.

But let me move on from there...........

For a couple of years, I cut down the number of flowers that I was growing.  I felt it was important to do what I could well rather than taking on too much.  And trust me, that didn't always work out the way I wanted it to work.

Now, I am back to ordering LOTS of flowers/ bulbs/ corms/ tubers and seed.  I really want to surprise you with everything that will be new.  But I think you need a sneak peak.

Usually, I order mix bags of gladiolas.  And I did again this year ...... bright and a pastel mix.  But I added some named varieties this year.    

One that I have grown for several years is Green Woodpecker.  And it is back again.  I love how crisp and fresh this color is. 

All photos are from Google Images

I think it is amazing when mixed with pure white glads.  Like Alaska.

If you have ever been to the farm before .... you know I am a sucker for pink.  If it is a pink flower .... I will buy it. I never met a pink flower that I didn't love.  Like this glad ..... Pink Event. 

Or this one ..... Tampico.

The darker pink eye has always made it one of my favorites.

And finally ..... something sunny for this cloudy gloomy day on the east of Iowa........ Yellow Emperor.

Honey and I are super psyched about the upcoming season.  There are new fences going up classes in the new kitchen .... face lifts on structures .... veggies to buy along with the flowers and eggs. 

And I hope you are as excited as we are.  

Cuz we will be really glad to see you!!!! 


Janelle Spies said…
Can't wait to see the new arrivals and kitchen.
Dan Mays said…
You have it BAD . . . Don't you?

Linda Ault said…
Sounds wonderful...I too love flowers.
Danielle Taylor said…
Just found your blog and am enjoying catching up with it. I wanted to ask if I can link you in my blog? I just started mine recently but wanted to share with my friends your blog, if that's alright with you. You can check me out at Thanks.

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