March is going out .............

Really exciting!

Yep ... I have been counting down to the R-Day.  Retirement Day!!  And now .... it is almost here.  March 31st!!! 

We are sort of excited to now have our weekends ..... everyday of the week.

Except .... for the last couple of years .... our weekends have been so crammed with the To-Do Lists, it has been difficult to have a life. 

We love our home.  (Most of the time!  Remodeling reminds us of all of her issues!)  We love our business here on the farm.  And we love our lifestyle of canning, gardening, sewing and making do.  But it all takes a lot more time than running to the grocery store and picking up supper.

Hopefully, now time will be more balanced.  Honey has much better time/management skills than I do.  (I get a phone call and suddenly laundry is forgotten and I am on to a different project!!!)

So we are excited to spend more time with the people we love and care about. 

But most of all, we are excited to spend more time with each other.

Now .... for a kitchen update.

There is still a lot to do on the kitchen but it is becoming more functional everyday.  The floor is down but there is one doorway to complete with new thresholds and the quarter round needs to be painted and put in place.

The dishwasher is now in place and Honey started cutting the sink base to hold the farmhouse sink.  As you can see it currently sits too high. 

There is one last cut to make .... and it will sit perfectly into place. 

After watch you-tube videos .... making a template .... taping the template in place ..... making one cut .... and another .... and sanding down the back of the cabinet ...... there are some "clean-out" cuts to make with the dremel tool so it sits nicely in place.

The next step is to put the fillers in the corner. 

But up to now .... the sink base has gone in. 
The sink base has come out. 
The sink base has gone in. 
The sink base has come out.

You really need those fillers when you are using full overlay cabinets.  That means the cabinet doors completely cover the face frames.  As it is ..... with 2 -3/4" on the cream side and 2-7/8" filler on the green side ...... the drawer above the garbage barely clears the front of the farmhouse sink by a 1/2".

The next section of cabinets will probably go in next week. 

Next to the stove will be my bank of wall cabinets.  The range hood will sit beneath a cream cabinet and then the baking center will be to the right of the stove.

The baking center is a 54" bank of base and wall cabinets in green like the sink base.  The wall cabinets are taller and deeper than normal (15" deep and 33" high) and will feature restoration glass doors.  The Base cabinets will have roll out trays to hold cake, bread  and pie pans. 

It hopefully will look more like a piece of furniture with its flush toe and bead board back.  It will have glass knobs on the doors and glass pulls on the drawers.  And it will have an oak butcherblock top that will be perfect for kneading bread dough and rolling out pastry.

Like I ever roll out pastry.

Isn't that what Pillsbury is for???????

So that is the kitchen and retirement up date! 

Later ..... update on seed planting and what is new in the garden!


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