This is no April Fools Joke ..........

On March 31, dear Honey retires his "pretty pants", computer program, pocket protector and in the old days, slide rule and starts his new gig as Head Groundskeeper and Chief Maintenance Officer for Miss Eff's.

The pay is lousy ..... pto  (paid time off) is non-existent ..... the best benefit we have is a great view of other people's land.

BUT ..... we do know how to throw a party!!!

So in honor of Honey's new job ..... Iowa Ingredient decided to put us on the show on April 1st!!!

OK .... maybe it is time for a reality check .... last summer Iowa Ingredient came out and filmed a segment for the "On the Side" segment and they just happen to be airing it on April 1 and 2nd.

Here is a shot from the filming last summer ..... I can. not. wait. for my garden to be that green again!!!!

We will be at the very end of the show featuring Maple Syrup.  Hang in to the very end and you may get a glimpse of the new groundskeeper.

Until then ..... this is what you will see when you come out to the farm this summer .....

I've had some really great people working here in the past .... but I have to say, this will be the BEST employee ever.

And I get the benefits!!! 


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