Aches and pains and garden gains.....


Suddenly, I feel much older than my 61 years.

It is spring .... and that always brings so much work.  We do most of it by hand.  On my knees, planting one plant, plug or seed at a time.  Digging the weeds out.  Dividing the daylilies.  It is relatively easy work .... until I have to stand up.

Or bend over again.

In a few weeks, I will sprint from one area of the garden to another ..... quickly moving and lifting and pulling and bending.  But until then, it is lots of ibuprofen and hot showers to loosen up the muscles and relieve the stiff knees and shoulders.

I love spring on the farm.  From new kittens and baby chicks to blossoming trees, spring never ceases to make me smile.

We are currently edging gardens ..... one at a time.

Yea .... this was a Pinterest steal.  Well, when you are in business, we call it "research", don't we???

These are tumbled Belgium pavers .... one stands up and the other lies flat in front of it. 

We will be able to keep a nice edge with the gardens.  I loved my plate border edge .... but I would crush them at times. 

OK ... often. 

Really often.

So I would have broken plates every where.

Last year, I went to double loop wire garden fence in an 18" height.

It was messing ..... not tidy ..... and no one cut the flowers in the area.  :(

So hopefully, we can keep this looking nice .... and you will cut the flowers in the border.

One of the new roses went here ... along with lavender, delphiniums, daisies and bachelor buttons.  They are still so tiny ..... but it won't be long before they will fill this garden.

I have this little bed filled with baby's breath, roses, delphiniums along with some stock.  The bunny needs a clematis filling it as does the head board in front of the kitchen.  It too, could use some paint!

I love fresh paint in the spring!

The rusty look is charming ...... but after a while, too much rust makes everything look unkept.  So I am trying to brighten our world.

One can of paint at a time!!!

Well ...... until these beauties start to bloom!!!

Yea ..... I am super impatient this year!!!!!

I may go through a LOT of paint!!!!


Barb said…
Lovely already!!! I think all this works keeps us young and spry-ish. :O)
Miss Effie said…
It does .... but I need a couple of weeks to get those knitting muscles to become gardening muscles!!! ;)
Love it. I can certainly relate as I turn 60 this year but I can also out-garden those half my age. Your painted piece looks great.
I am eagerly working in my garden but since we are selling our house to downsize, I'm not sure what my next garden or city farm will be like. Can hardly wait because I LOVE gardening.
Thanks for your blog sharings.

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