Good news. Bad news.

So ..... my gardening buddy and cat extraordinaire, Roger disappeared a little over a week ago.

Roger is a big neutered gray cat that walks into a room like a lineman on the football team.  He is definitely boss cat on the farm and is in charge of the entire operation.  He is one of those lazy cats that loves to be cuddled and scratched and have his belly rubbed.

He has been going to the field ..... a practice that always makes me unhappy. But other than putting him on a leash..... Roger is going to roam a bit.

Sunday ..... he was in the garden with us.  Monday ..... he didn't show up for breakfast.

I didn't worry about him right away ..... maybe he was sleeping one off.  But he didn't show up on Tuesday.  I called.  I walked the ditches.  I called some more.

And then Tuesday night ........ I heard the howls in the field behind us. 

The coyotes were yipping and howling.

I jumped out of bed...... threw on a pair of shoes and grabbed a flashlight.  I couldn't see them.  But they were close.  Very close.  Waaaayy to close for comfort.

The next morning ..... I did a double check on cats.  Everyone was there.

But Roger.

I thought his fate had been sealed.  He is a big cat but may not be able to out-run a pack of coyotes.

I was in denial.  If I can't find him ..... maybe he just wandered to another farm.

Then .......... last night.

I was taking laundry off the line and I heard something.  A moan.  A whining meow.  Maybe an injured animal.

I started following the sound.

Past the shop.  Past the chicken coop.  Into the veggie garden.

I could hear it.  I was close but ......................................................

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Yea ..... he is BACK in the tree. 

Higher than ever and stuck.  So he says.  Spent the night up there. 

And he will stay there until he can figure out how to get down.

He is using up his nine lives really fast!!


Pat C said…
So glad Roger has returned! Pets with an attitude are so irreplaceable and loved! Hope he gets down soon- he is gonna get wet and chilly! Best to you. Love your posts.
Barb said…
Deep sigh that Roger is OK! Silly guy!

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