New flowers! New flowers!!

OK .... we all know that I am not a trendsetter.

I sew using old methods ... why, I still make tailor tacks.  And don't get my students going about mandatory pressing!  "Did you press that?" is heard throughout the evening.

I have not accept the fact that tomatoes are available at the grocery store in tin cans.

My wardrobe consist of clean jeans, dirty jeans, stained jeans, political tee shirts that I can only wear in like-company and farming tee shirts.

And forever and a day ... I adamantly opposed getting a cell phone.  Now it is firmly attached to me at all times and I go into withdrawal while it is on the charger.

So trendsetting .... won't be found at my house.  Unless the earth has spun around so many times that what was old is new again.

But I do love me some new pretty flowers!!  And here are some of the new ones coming to the farm this year.

This one has my heart.  They are white, fluttery and look like they will dance in the garden.

These are white cupcake cosmos.

photo from Pinterest

Obviously, I was hungry last fall and craving cake.  Cuz I ordered another cupcake flower.  These are cupcake zinnias.  A fluffy bright zinnia that I hope everyone will love.  I do know the fluffy centers have been issues with some growers.  But I love a challenge so why not!

photo from Pinterest

Oh ... let's make you drool some more.  (Wait .... I can't be the ONLY one that drools over such pretties!)

photo from Pinterest

Here is a blast from the past!!!

When I first started flower farming, I grew these sweet little flowers that looked like petunias made out of stained glass.  I haven't grown them in years.  They are a little temperamental ...  They don't like the heat of summer.

But their sweet old-fashioned look drew me in again so .... I planted Salpiglossis  Royale Mix.

photo from Pinterest

 And finally ..... ya know how I love my lisianthus!!!  Doesn't matter what color.  So when there is something new ... I just had to order.

I ordered Rosanne Green Lisianthus.  I really have no idea if they will be this green but every photo I have seen in the past has been this color.  In the past, if I ordered green lizzies ... they looked a yellowish white.  The same as the yellow lizzies did.😉

We will have a lot of lisianthus this year.  OK .. I ordered a lot of lisianthus.  And they have been in the ground for a week and look fantastic.  Of course, there is 3-5" of rain in the forecast for this weekend.  (Where is the sobbing my eyes out emoji???)

If there is one thing that lisianthus does not like .... it is 3-5" of rain in a couple of days.

But for now .... let's dream about seeing these this summer.

photo courtesy of Pinterest

So there are some of the new-to-me flowers that are coming this year.  We do have other things that I will share with you later.

Like a big new perennial bed to cut from!!!

Until then ..... I will be trendsetting away.  (Oh Sarcasm font!! I need you!!!)


Oh farm all those new and old flowers you are planting. You inspire me you agricultural artist you! We're at the end of our second year here on The Poor Farm and it will be ages before we have the flowers I want but because of you, I'll keep plugging away.

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