Gardening on January 108

I am certain 2018 will be known as the winter that would never end.

It is currently January 108 ...  or if you insist on following the calendar, April 18.

It is cold, wet and currently we are getting a "wintery mix". Whatever that is, it is miserable out.

Personally, I think hell has frozen over.

So .... as I have 1100 lizzies, 800 snapdragons waiting to be planted ... I can't wrap my mind around anything but gardening.

Yesterday ... I was brave. Or stupid.

It was a lovely day ... the sun was out and although I was bundled up in my sweatshirts, I had to garden.

I ordered more perennials this year. I had earlier planted "Becky" daisies and "Apricot Beauty" foxglove. They are looking really good!! In spite of freezing temperatures, sleet and snow ... they are thriving.

So yesterday .... I planted lavender, dianthus and "Camelot" foxglove.  I received another box of 250 plants ... fortunately, they were coming out of cold storage.

I planted more dianthus and one of my favorite varieties of rudbeckia, Maya. These cold stored plants happen to be short lived perennials .... so they will emerge from the soil ... just like the best of my perennials.

Our spring flowers have yet to appear. Oh ... the peonies are showing a bit of foliage, tulips and allium are emerging .... but NO blooms.

I did find 5 daffodils in bloom.  Five! Out of 500.
My percentage isn't very good, is it?? But I am certain we will see more.

Honey has been spending his time spreading mulch and re-organizing the veggie garden.

The garden will show up.
I hope.

Until then, you will find me blowing on my plants, trying to keep them warm.
What?!? You said I was full of hot air!!

Never mind. Just tell me when you think winter will leave Iowa.


Danette Wood said…
Keep dreaming the sun is sure to warm the soil of your soul and Bloom...O treasure the days that I can follow you...oxs

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