Progress .... or not.

Spring is always so hard.

Honey and I start working in the garden between 8 and 9 am. Before then, it is a mix of household chores and chicken chores. (And trust me, my house is seriously neglected!) But we do need to eat and clean clothes are kind of nice to have!

And we weed.
And plant.
And weed.
And mulch.
And water.
And repeat.

And we make progress.

Here, we have 3 - 60' rows. One row has hazelnuts, one row has raspberries and the final row has peonies, lady's mantle, allium and a few other plants.

They are clean and mulched.

They are beautiful.

And then .... there is this.

Yep ... my total moment of shame. (Unless you asked to use my bathroom this week! Color me mortified!!!)

Well ... at least you know we are not using herbicides!! Look at all those dandelions!! We do have very happy bees.

Ok ... don't look behind the curtain!!

Look here ....

Maybe here. 

Most defintely here. 

But every day it is another step forward to another year in the garden. 

And I. Can't. Wait. 


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