The news from the garden ....

The garden is slowly progressing.

Most of the annuals have been planted and most are thriving. The north east winds we experienced in April were brutal to the ranunculus and the lisianthus. Fortunately, the ranunculus is beginning to rebound.

The lizzies .... well, one row .... not so much! Wind burn on those baby lizzies was a death knell. Ok ... I planted 1100 lizzies. There will be lots of lizzies.

Most of the annuals are growing and looking good. I am pleased.

There are some issues with some of my fall seeding.

Last fall, I planted cerinthe. Sometimes, it is called Honeywort.

Photo from Fine Gardening Magazine

Now I have grown this before only to have it self-seed everywhere. And it wasn't popular. And it wasn't as good as cut as I would like.

But I just can't ignore a pretty face like this! And years have passed. I planted seeds last fall but they haven't emerged. After buying another batch of seeds ...  I will try again.

I have been getting containers planted. Several are looking really good.

I am totally hooked on using lots of foliage in containers. Caladiums, coleus, ivy and ferns have such differing textures and colors so with only one flower, a great container can come together.

These new urns are on each side of one of the arbors. I love the farmhouse look they give ... with just a bit of flair. It will take a few years but there is a clematis growing up one side and the David Austin rose, Abraham Darby on the other side.

I have been working on adding more scent to the garden with the addition of more herbs, climbing roses and honeysuckle. But I was thrilled with finding this fabulous addition to my containers.

This is sooooo fragrant! It is Star Jasmine. It is amazing.  You need to brush against this as you walk into the Summer Kitchen.

The bottom line is ....


Gardening is very magical but not magic. It takes time ...  we are praying for flowers to grow as quickly as possible.  The  cutting garden opening will be approximately June 9th.

Depending on how my garden grows.
 Like Mary, Mary Quite Contary.
And I might have been called contary ... once or twice.

That is all for the news you can use from Miss Eff.
Progress reports will come.


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