Don't Judge Me!!!

Ok. I am just putting this out there.

I am not going to make a blanket statement for everyone but this works for me.

When I am depressed, I buy plants.

And lately .... I have been fighting the urge to curl up in fetal position and pull my favorite blanket over my head. Seriously. It hasn't been good.

Years ago, I bought shoes.

But with plants, I get flowers.
Or tomatoes.


And I do my little part to fight global warming and to help cool the environment. Plus ... playing in the dirt is good for my mental health.

So the other day, when events in the news were destroying my faith in humanity ... my darling Honey took me plant shopping. And where do I go to receive such intense and healing foliar therapy?

I go to the Flower Factory in Stoughton WI.

The Flower Factory is one of the largest perennial nursery in the Midwest and just south and east of Madison. It is a pleasant drive from the east coast of Iowa.

It gives me a chance to touch and feel plants that I rarely find locally.

Like this great amsonia. Look at that touchable soft foliage! It just calls you to fondle it! I didn't buy that one.

I bought this one ... Amsonia tabernaemontana-salicifolia.

Photo from Quaking Grass Nursery

It blooms in late July and August. AND IT IS BLUE!

Never enough blue in the garden .... particularly at that time of year.

One of my favorite features of The Flower Factory is the topiaries in the gardens. There are bunnies and an almost life-sized horse. But my favorite might be this cow.

I need a giant cat. Or a chicken.

And sometimes, I need inspiration.

Like this garden/structure/vines ...

 Sometimes ... I see something makes me go ... "Ohhhhh".  And I will have absolutely no idea what has grabbed my attention.  This is one of those times but I can guarantee that something in this picture will influence the farm in the future.

We left The Flower Factory inspired, refreshed .... and maybe, a bit poorer.

Nahhhh ....

As long as there is room in the car .... there is still money!  I must not have spent it all!


Miss Tami said…
Hoping your feeling more cheery. These beauties will continue to remind you of the good in this world! Keep blooming!!
Michelle said…
Oh, Miss Eff, I can SO relate. I'm in the midst of writing a blogpost, my first in a week – most unusual for me. But everything is just so . . . AWFUL. I keep putting one foot in front of the other, doing indoor and outdoor chores, working the part-time job, giving riding lessons, but my creative side is just about destroyed with the ugliness in this world. I'd buy plants but I can't keep up with the weeding as it!
Spent the entire day mulching my kitchen garden on Sunday. No radio, no news just me and sunshine. Hugely therapeutic.
Lora Rathje said…
I road trip to The Flower Factory every spring to buy rock garden plants. It is an amazing nursery! I bought a wagon full in May, and decided I was out of control, but now I wish I had bought more!!!! I always say I married well as we are rich in plants! (although not $ - LOL)

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