Wildflower update ...

So about a month ago, Honey did this .....

And if you are anything like me, you thought this was crazy. 

And the verdict is still out but currently..... 

He is right ..... and I may not be absolutely correct just this one time.


That is all I am saying.

As you can see, we ran the rototiller thru the grass without removing the sod or killing it with herbicide.  Our goal is to fill this with a mix of perennials and self-seeding annuals. And normally, I want every speck of grass out of the garden. But we really want a casual wildflower look so having some grass growing there is not offensive to us.  I hope we end up with a little bitty meadow.

We started by planting 64 "Double Scoop" Echinacea in the cranberry color. The echinacea is a perennial that will help anchor the bed.  No doubt fancier than our native echinacea, it will be strong color and presence along the road once it is established. 

Since we planted this one month ago, I am amazed with its progress. 

The bed is filling up with sunflowers, bachelor's buttons,  cosmos, coreopsis, calendula and zinnias. 

Sunflowers are on the right and a marigold on the left.

The sunflowers are a mix of what I had ... so there could be some serious re-seeding along the road. I may have to re-think that!

The cosmos have really seeded nicely. So the availability of great foliage plus blooms is always nice. 

Finally ... there is this. 


I am not sure on this one. We could have a weed extraordinaire  ... or I could have some great blooms.

It is time to do some some more research.

Anyone taking bets????


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