The Responsibility of a Small Businesswoman

The things I will do!

When you come to the farm to pick flowers....... I give you a one-gallon milk jug to stuff with as many flowers as possible. Now there are only two of us in the house and although we save jugs all winter...... it is never enough. And today, the un-thinkable happened.

Yes......... Miss Eff has run out of milk jugs. So there is only one thing to do.

Well -- besides beg.

I have got to get to the bottom ....... of the dumpster.

So if you want to save her the humiliation of diving among the beer bottles and cans.......... bring your milk jugs to her. Just give them a quick wash and a rinse. Don't bother cutting them. I am a professional jug cutter .... do not attempt that at home.

(Dumpster site will remain nameless to protect the innocent. And keep me from getting arrested!)


BlueGate said…
And yet again I wish you were closer! (Not so much because we have lots of milk jugs, as you said, how much milk can 2 people drink.) I really just want to sneak around and watch you dumpster dive for them.
But then I'd hop out, say hello and dive right in with you : )
Good luck with your search!
Do you have a local Craigs List or Freecycle or internet county "bulletin board"? Any of those avenues would probably bring in a ton of those jugs for you!
corinne said…
Good lord, I can't leave you alone for a minute!
clink said…
OK -- this is the second night in a row on the diving routine! But on a brighter note ... a very nice woman did bring 5 or 6 today!

I did find a Miss Effie cut jug in the recycling bin. So I do have very "green" customers!!!

Jill -- don't jump out of the dumpster. My bladder would never take that!!!!!! But oh .... that would be toooo funny!!!!!

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