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The World's Oldest WIP

One of my current projects is the decluttering of the house. And a major thorn in my side has been my sewing room.  Yea. I won't post a picture ...yet. But I am making progress. Garbage has been going out. Decisions were made. Things went to the thrift store.  I have been finding WIP's. Lots of WIP's. You know. Works In Progress. Those projects that were started and never finished.  Enter this pillow. I embroidered it 40 years ago!! Forty!!  I remember what a fun project it was.  Candlewicking and so many embroidery stitches. I loved it.  So why did I toss it into a tote and left it there for 40 years??? Ok ... maybe because I didn't know what I wanted to do with the back.  I had run across a piece of vintage pillow ticking ... and BINGO! It was going to work! So I quickly stitched that together and stuffed it.  And it is ... DONE! DONE! STICK A FORK IN ME, IT'S DONE!  Sorry .... I shouldn't have shouted. 😔 Now to get back to my knitting

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