The World's Oldest WIP

One of my current projects is the decluttering of the house. And a major thorn in my side has been my sewing room. 

Yea. I won't post a picture ...yet. But I am making progress. Garbage has been going out. Decisions were made. Things went to the thrift store. 

I have been finding WIP's. Lots of WIP's. You know. Works In Progress. Those projects that were started and never finished. 

Enter this pillow. I embroidered it 40 years ago!! Forty!! 

I remember what a fun project it was. 

Candlewicking and so many embroidery stitches. I loved it. 

So why did I toss it into a tote and left it there for 40 years??? Ok ... maybe because I didn't know what I wanted to do with the back. 

I had run across a piece of vintage pillow ticking ... and BINGO! It was going to work!

So I quickly stitched that together and stuffed it. 


Sorry .... I shouldn't have shouted. 😔

Now to get back to my knitting so it won't be an ancient WIP! 

Hopefully, next week I will do the sewing room reveal. Maybe. Organizing that could easily become the World's Oldest WIP.


Michelle said…
That IS the perfect pillow ticking! Good for you for tackling those old WIPs.
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