Ok .... I can't get this to work!

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to be one of the Newsmakers on our local cable access channel. This was a 5-minute interview.

Now it started out with ........... "We need you in make-up." Huh? So a very nice young gal tried to work her make-up magic on me. Do I look really young????? Oh --- not so much!

I cracked up laughing when she said......... "Let me look at you to see if you need blush." Blush???? Have you seen my skin??? It glows in the dark!!! Seriously, we worry about planes assuming that my nose is a beacon!

But I did the gig ............ I haven't seen it yet as I can't seem to get it to pull up on video. Maybe you can.

Or ..... I can probably find someone with cable ......... Mediacom 29. Its on 144 times this month! That's a lot of Miss Eff!



melanie said…
OK, get to the page your link brings up. There's a list of newsmakers and their topics... number 3 or 4 on the list is some chick named Cathy Lafrenze...looks an awful lot like Miss Effie...(*gr*)
I followed Melanie's instructions and got to see and hear you; what a kick to see a blogger I read on the news! You don't LOOK like a flower farmer, BTW; not "earthy" enough. :-) Let's see, so now I know you by three names, Clink, Miss Effie, and Cathy L. Cathy L must be that corporate chick!

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