I'm interrupting my war with high fructose corn syrup to mourn the passing of Senator Kennedy.

I am of the age that when you ask .......... Where were you on November 22, 1963.......... you know the answer.

The Kennedy family inspired a generation of young people. Their youth, good looks, vitality refreshed a nation that was tired from a Depression, a war, a conflict and battles over a bomb. It was a joy to see people with glamor and style and living in Technicolor after years of shades of gray.

So we as a nation, put a lot of hopes and dreams on one family. And one by one......... our dreams were taken away.

But Senator Kennedy persevered. One piece of legislation at a time...... he improved educational opportunities, he worked for civil rights and liberties and he tried to improve health care.

And through it all, he held a family together in a very public way.

It bothers me when the media says ...... he never became President. Like that should be the ultimate goal of a public servant. We have had many a President that should never have been there. I really don't think he wanted to be there.

This morning ... I heard an interview where Roger Mudd asked Senator Kennedy why he wanted to be president. Senator Kennedy stuttered and stammered out a vague answer. I can hear Paul Tully -- his campaign manager then -- greeting him in heaven. "Damn! I wish they wouldn't play that tape!" (Actually, Tully would have spicier words to say!)

I think Senator Kennedy had learned that he could do so much more in the Senate than he would ever have the opportunity to do in the Oval Office. And I admire a person that can recognize their strengths and go with them!!!!

Today ........ we lost a strong voice for health care. I can only hope the Senate decides to honor the man that wanted health care for all, by passing a bill that insures that all Americans have access to affordable health care.

Today ....... we are sad as a nation. But I am certain, in heaven, there is a game of touch football. A family reunited again. As a nation, we thank you for all you gave. God Bless You.


Dan Mays said…
This is what Ted saw when he arrived at the door to Heaven.

jillwaukee said…
Great words, Cathy! I am happy that Ted got to see O'Bama become president. We have lost one of the greatest politicians our country has ever known. Our lives today are better as a result of his work. I will greatly miss his well-timed eye rolls during the State of the Union, but hopefully, we won't see another Commander in Chief so deserving of them. All sadness aside, the picture Dan posted gave me a chuckle.

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