Getting my ducks in a row..........

I envy all you organized people. I am sooo not organized. I sooo don't have my act together. But for one very brief moment, I have my ducks in a row.

OK -- You wanted to see the mini-ducks. Well, these are the worst ducks in the world to photograph. Only thing you see are their little duck butts scurrying away. Little duck butts are cute...... but not so photogenic.

So from the left .... the mini silver applewood duck (female) then there is Lorax (runner) Horton (ancona) Yertle (ancona) and the famous Cindy Lou Who (Blue crested).

I do have a pair of call ducks ..... very camera-shy little birds!!!

Life moves forward at Miss Effie's. The flowers continue to bloom .... sort of. For all of you Midwesterners that have been lovin' this weather........ let me say a few words to you..... corn, tomatoes, flowers. Yep .... this summer has been great for the utility bills but not so good for many Midwest crops.

Corn loves heat degree days. And yes, the USDA is predicting a record corn crop. But farmers that I talk to aren't as certain. Its waaay too cool and waaay too wet.

And my 54 tomato plants are feeling the same. Those that didn't explode from too much rain ... are still sitting on the vines .... in all their green glory. So there has been no nearly-naked canning going on. The neighborhood is grateful........ but its sad to have to can, just to keep from turning the furnace on!!!

I have tried to turn my attention to things that may make a difference. I spoke again at a small rally at Congressman Braley's office.

I'm the very short gray-haired gal in the center.

Besides having our very own health care horror story, I am focusing my vision for change in the health care system with the availability of fresh, healthy food for all. In the school lunch program, at food pantries and in our homes. And I want people to have the knowledge to prepare healthy nutritious meals for a family. So I am really trying to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk.

This fall and winter, I am teaching several classes on food preparation from making your own baby food to quick easy meals for senior citizens that use some of the Super foods.

Tomorrow -- I will attend a local food conference in Fairfield, IA with other Buy Fresh-Buy Local board members. Its kind of a precursor to the Local Foods Summit that Buy Fresh - Buy Local and the Progressive Action for the Common Good are sponsoring on September 26. At Augustana College -- we will meet and hear an inspirational speech from Kamyar Enshayon from Northern Iowa University. Then later in the afternoon, I will discuss the economic impact of local foods.

I am certain I will walk away with new ways to affect food policy in America.

And now.... I have to work on the Lafrenz family food policy and not burn that loaf of bread that is in the oven!


BlueGate said…
Dang Cathy, for an "unorganized person" you are getting a helluvalotta things done! I'm so impressed that you are involved in so many leadership/politically active food and health roles at this insane time of the year. You get a hearty "You Go Girl!" from my little corner of the rural landscape. And a giant "THANKS" that you are standing up for the interests of the rest of us that either don't make the time for it (or are clueless.)
Deborah said…
Way to go, Cathy! I wish the media would cover more sane people talking to their representatives about the need for health care!

BTW, just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger award, so head over to Antiquity Oaks to pick it up!

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