I think we are ready.............

OK -- I've been going over the list.  Time and time again.  And I think we are almost ready. 

Oh -- there are those last minute things ... scrub the bathroom, sweep the kitchen floor.  Take the vacuum out of the tv room and put it away.  (Its usually a decorative object!) Finish the dishes.  Weed the Zowie zinnia bed ------- the usual list that won't get done!!!!

But we have baked and baked and baked.  OK ... Emily baked and baked and baked. (This is the truth in blogging act!)  Lemon shortbread cookies, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, yellow cupcakes with fudge frosting, sour cream chocolate cake, and German chocolate cake.  I made two angel food cakes.

Then lots and lots of ice cream ....... French Silk and French Vanilla.  Which is why there are two angel food cakes ... the ice cream took lots of egg yolks.

But the weather is perfect ... 82 degrees with a very gentle breeze.  It should be perfect.  We will be here from 12-4 and serving cake and ice cream until it runs out.

So if you have been hanging out in northwest Scott County and need a break from playing Schafkopf and drinking Bud Light (for good Germans, they drink lousy beer in this neighborhood!!!) ................ come to Miss Effie's and indulge in homemade treats for a good cause. I've got a goal of raising $500 for the local food pantry.... can you help???

I betcha I can find ya a nut roll or two.


WildOmanMom said…
I wish I was there! My internet connection has been sporadic, but I am so glad I checked the blog today and caught up on things.

I miss my girls, but I am so happy they are with you - canning, cooking, sharing, learning!

We will, hopefully, visit the farm in mid-August after I practice some rock-beach therapy in Copper Harbor.

I know your afternoon will be stupendous! And we'll make sure you meet your goal for the gift certificates!
Rita Templeton said…
Thanks so much for having us! It was so great to finally meet you, and that carrot cake was TO DIE FOR. (So was the ice cream, for that matter ... yum!) We had a wonderful time looking around your beautiful place ... until someone replaced my three well-behaved little boys with crying, whiny tyrants - which is why I didn't get around to saying a proper goodbye! (I guess it's my fault for bringing them right at nap time, eh?)

Anyway, thank you again for doing all this - and for such a fantastic cause! :)
Oh it was SOOOO nice to see you today Cath!! We really enjoyed ourselves....and the cake....I had a moment with the carrot cake. It was amazing, as was the ice cream!!! I have an idea for you....I'll send you an email. :-)
Beth said…
We had a fabulous time; wish we could have stayed longer and lounged around in your lovely yard. Thank you again for making this possible. And next year, if you ask, I will bake too.

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