Thank you, my dear dear friends.............

Sunday in the Garden with Miss Effie and Friends is over.  Done.  History. But not forgotten.

There is still a little French vanilla ice cream in the freezer (French silk chocolate is long gone!!)  A few cookies, a little poppy seed lemon bundt cake, lots of soiled tablecloths and some dirty dishes remain.  A wise woman would get all of that taken care of ........... but I am not that wise (otherwise, I would have thought ........ Committee. I could have had a committee!)

Besides -- I'm recovering from the thoughtful actions of my friends, Jim and Debbie and Dan and Cyndia.  They know the right moment to bring out the adult beverages ..... 4:27 pm.  I was ready.

So do you want to see pictures?????  So do I! 

1) My camera is ill. And new replacement camera will arrive ..... tomorrow.

2) I spent the day hugging everyone in sight!  How do you take pics when you are imitating the Mad Hugger???  I try not to hug strangers ..... but I knew almost everyone.  If not by sight, by name or blog!!!

Fortunately, several of my blogging friends came through for you. Better pics (Kim's are awesome! She has been practicing with her camera and her pictures are wonderful!) And everyone has better writing skills than I have!!!

So .... check out Jen's, Kim's or Jessica's blogs to see what the day was all about.

We had great vendors on the farm!  Sheepie Neighbor (she needs a t-shirt with that on it!) sold yarn and eggs and nut rolls!!! We had cheese, produce, photography, yarn and fleece, jewelry and metal art. The vendors really made the day........... thank you for coming.  Thank you for spending your Sunday afternoon with Honey and me.

And now... the really important news ...... We raised over $400 for the North Scott Food Pantry!!!  We are soooo excited that our friends and neighbors can use the Freight House Farmers Market gift certificates to get fresh, locally-grown food to feed their families.

There aren't enough words to express my gratitude and my love for each and every one of you that visited the farm. (and we know ... I can find I lot of words!!!!!)  There were classmates from high school, dear customers and old friends.  There were people that I just met ..... that I feel like I know everything about them.

I love my facebook friends and my blogging pals........... and all my very dear dear customers. You have put up with soggy rains and drought conditions.  You questioned my sanity when I tied tea cups to the trees.  You've held my chickens to humor me.  But you have come back , time after time and picked the flowers and relaxed with me in the corn-zebo.

I have been so blessed to know each and everyone of you.

Thank you ..... thank you....... thank you.


What a lovely day. Thanks for having us! Can't wait to come back.

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