It's going to be a LONG war!

I mentioned yesterday about my battle with this guy!

Yep ... he looks innocent.

But behind that cheery red breast beats a heart full of garden destruction.

I plant.

He un-plants.

I re-plant.

He challenges me again to the duel.

I hear it in that happy little chirp........... taunting me to plant again!

Now -- I allow and expect some of that ... and I am fine with it.  I hold back some extras to fill the holes in later.  But this year, he is pissing me off!!!!!

He destroyed the lavender I planted around the patio.

He pulled out numerous snapdragons and dianthus.

And knowing that .... I walk the beds, searching for signs of his warring ways.

This small area was STUFFED with marigolds.  I should have replanted last week but it has been dry, and I was hoping for some rain to soak this bed before I planted it ...... again.

Usually, after the plants have been in the ground a couple of weeks, the root systems are strong enough to resist Cock Robin's tugs.

But look what I found today!

And more!!!!

If he would only do this on the weeds!!!!

I'll teach him!!!

It is time to pull out the big guns!!!

Chicken wire to the rescue!!!!


Jo Menacher said…
I feel your pain! I have a pair of tree swallows that have taken over my newspaper holder with their nest after I finally gave up removing it since they just kept rebuilding it but it does make it very interesting getting the paper and mail!
We are currently at war with a single rat BAS*!#% mouse who pulls one or two cabbage or broccoli plants out of our garden each night. We replant, we spray with peppermint oil, we spray with cayenne, we aim bazookas at him and still...he persists. You have to admire their persistence. I hope he admires the cute little grave I am digging him.

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