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Coherent thought processes are never my strong suit. And they seem to be less-coherent this holiday season. Like having purchased and wrapped a major Christmas gift ........ only to find one for the same recipient that I bought during the year!!!!! I am soooo losing it!! Let's forget about that stuff (which .... trust me ..... I will!) and move on to other news.

First major bit of news .............. my favorite LYS is closing. This store is located in Muscatine. Muscatine has been hit with more lay-offs and cut-backs than any other city in the area. So the recession claims another retail victim.

The good news is that the Coralville store will remain open. And they are roughly the same distance for me. Muscatine was a bit handier...... but I can live. Its just sad when a local yarn shop closes.

Second news is for the QCA area residents. When you live in a small town, you get to know the post master pretty well. And Donahue postmaster James is no different.

Small town post offices are pretty unusual places. In Donahue, a rush is five people in line at one time. Happened the other day and we didn't know how to react! A trip to the post office is never a quick affair. Not because of long lines. But because of the conversations that go on.

The front window is always decorated with the art projects from the local grade school. Right now ... chains of green and red construction paper hang over the window. Snowflakes will show up in January and hearts will be featured in February. Always the same...... always changing.

James has been a big help with chick orders.... sometimes, tracking them down for me when they don't arrive exactly like they should. OK -- it might be self-defense on his part. Once, they received a box of turkey poults. The turkeys were all dead ....... and had been for a while! I got the distinct impression he didn't want to go through that again!!

Well, James and his family put on a fabulous Christmas light display. Without a doubt, one of the best in the QCA. Drive by .... say hi.... tell them that Miss Eff sent you.

And finally, my Christmas present from Honey is a re-do of my office. You have never seen my office??? There is a reason! My desk is a large office table/desk. 30" x60". And I am capable of filling every bit of space on this desk ............. with stuff!! I am certain there is a theory in physics about stuff filling the available space. Oh -- that was physics according to George Carlin!

So the behemoth of the desk/table is disappearing. I have no idea where. But it is going. Want it? Drop me a note.

And in its place will be a dainty little rustic kitchen table made of pine. (You do understand that to mean..... wobbly, unstable and incredibly small! That also can be construed as .......... cheap!)

So Honey has started ripping my little 20" x36" table apart.......... only to discover that someone never ever wanted the top to come off again!!!!

Yep ......... 56 long rusted nails in a table that was originally built without a nail in it!! This could be an adventure!!!


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