Eggin' me on............

It has happened in the lifetime of every chicken hoarder that I know. You are suddenly overwhelmed with eggs! Yep ..... as much as we love our feathered friends and delightfully gather the colored orbs........... there comes a time that 18 dozen eggs in the fridge are 15 dozen too many!!!!!!

The Good Egg by Marie Simmons is the cookbook for just those moments! 200 great recipes for using eggs ....... from breakfast to desserts. This book has been out for a few years but there are sooooo many good cookbooks, sometimes you pass up a great one!!!

I got the book for Christmas and all I can say is Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I really do love this book!!!

When it comes to inexpensive meals ... nothing can beat using eggs as the base. But Honey really gets tired of the frittatas and the omelets and scrambled eggs for supper. From unique egg salad combinations to quiches and souffles, there great recipes and even better, great springboards to creating your own recipes.

I don't know about you ...... but sometimes, I need a little push to try something new.

This book has new. We did a rice and egg salad one night. I enjoyed it as a main dish... Honey would have preferred it as a side with some grilled fish.

I loved the poach eggs on wilted spinach salad!!! Local spinach (Thanks, Nostalgia Farms) local bacon, eggs out the coop!

And this ..... I've done before .... a puffy Dutch pancake. I filled this one with Cinnamon apple ice cream topping (Yummo!) but next time, we will make a savory one. They suggest one with pancetta and mushrooms. Pancetta isn't too local in Iowa ....... I'll use bacon!!!

Tonight .......... goat cheese and sun-dried tomato souffle. I made the goat cheese. (Turned out wonderful, Deborah) I dried the tomatoes. Bread crumbs from ABin5 bread. And the eggs are compliments of the girls.

Should be good........... I'll let you know!


Barb said…
Good Afternoon,

I just read your blog was am very thankful I would understand if you looked into my fridge...ahem...hens on a rampage. I just ordered The Good Egg from Amazon. Hopefully, it will be our salvation. We are having waffles tonight for supper.

Bless you! :O)
Barb said…
P.S. "was am"?!?!? Maybe a result of brain damage from too many eggs in my life right now. Note to self: Must always preview comment. :O)
BlueGate said…
Cathy look...local Iowa Pancetta!!!

Not to knock the local bacon, I love it as much as you do, but seriously, have you tried any of La Quercia's stuff???

Will have to check out the cookbook, as I'm sure our ladies (all 60 of them) will start giving us more than one egg a day, any day now (or else!!!)
clink said…
Jill -- Now you did it!!! Iowa Pancetta. I'm in heaven. I can do that. Now to find it in Davenport!!!

Barb -- I hope you enjoy the book. Not earth-shattering (like ABin5) but really some great recipes when you are pushing out the orange juice to find room to store another dozen.

Note to others with lots of eggs -- U.S. Post office frowns at the use of their mailboxes as egg depositories.

I'm just saying that is so.
jillwaukee said…
YEAH!! Very happy you like it!
Yum! Glad the goat cheese turned out so well. Wish I had all your eggs. If you've seen my new website, you'll know that we've only had 2 eggs so far this year. :( Of course, that's good for us. We haven't had January eggs in years!
hickchick said…
Excess eggs CAN be frozen if you think you may need them later. beat white and yolk together and freeze in ziplock bags. They look disgusting after the thaw but stood up to my picky kids taste test as scrambled eggs!
Oh please do share your technique for drying tomatoes...I've tried and failed.

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