The girls are feeling like quite the stars today.  They have been busy fielding interviews and prancing in front of news cameras.  Not really the time of year I like to do stories on the chickens .... but ya take what you get!!!

The egg recall has given the news media something to talk about .......... back-to-school is over, the fairs are over... and things are just a little slow on the East Coast of Iowa.

A local news anchor, Matt Hammill, has been here on the farm twice before.  In fact, he was here a couple of weeks ago doing this story.

When he was here he said, "You are really passionate about local foods and the lifestyle".  Yea .  I am.  And although, I eat lemons, bananas and drink coffee, we really try to eat at sustainably as possible. I believe in supporting farmers ... not middle men.  And I am willingly to drive to buy directly from that farmer.

Courtesy of Radish Magazine

But I digress. As the egg recall expanded, Matt decided to do a story on it.  And who does he call?  Yep ... that nut ball survivalist that he knows.  So if you want to see tonight's story about locally raised chickens and why it is so important to buy directly from the farmer, check it out here.

Courtesy of Radish Magazine
Just before Matt and Andy (the photographer) came, Kurt Allemeier from the Quad-City Times called and wanted a story. And you can read it here

I got the impression that he expected a backlash to the local producers.... which is definitely NOT the case.  People are smart enough to know that small local producers care for their hens and the eggs differently than a mega-farm.  He was surprised that people would drive an hour regularly to get eggs.  He was surprised to know that I don't have an egg available.  And he was surprised to hear that people will wait for the hens to lay a couple of more eggs to fill the carton.

Courtesy of Radish Magazine

So the girls are stars ..... the eggs are As Seen On TV.  Well ... at least for today.  And available only at the Summer Kitchen.  Well ... at the moment, they are available in my kitchen ..... but ya get my point!!


hotflawedmama said…
great post! When I heard about the recall I thought, "Praise God for Miss Effie!" :)
Michelle said…
Nothing like a food crisis to help a few more people "get it"! (BTW, I hope you change the font soon; that old typewriter-looking one is hard for me to read!)
Christine said…
I almost peed my pants when I got to the part about that "nutball survivalist he knew". LOL, I'd love to be known by that.
Catherine said…
You and the 'girls' looked great last night - and your comments were right on target - no 'nutball survivalist' came through at all.
Callie said…
Sorry I couldn't have seen that show. We too love having our own chickens and eggs. Glad I found your blog.

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