A clutter free zone..........................

OK ......... you have seen the list

One of the major items on the list is "deep clean the kitchen cabinets".  I knew to keep me on track ... I needed some accountability. So I joined Jenny's blog party to get rid of 111 things in 1/11. 

So this week ... I hung around garbage bags.  One for garbage and another for Goodwill.  I did not count the garbage fling results but 39 items went to Goodwill.

There were nighties and boots.  Aprons and Christmas tins.  Juicers and picture frames.

And a clock......... that would chime periodically.  And never on the hour!

I started the week by working on some of the kitchen cabinets.  I have 4 done.  Now -- in this effort -- it is not just cleaning and de-cluttering but painting and organizing. 

I painted the inside door of this cabinet with chalkboard paint.  Its a great place to write a grocery need.

Or to write a note.

But I am a little worried about taking down the door every time I go to the grocery store!!!!


LOL! I would LOVE to see you carrying that cupboard door through the grocery store! :-) Great job on the de-cluttering process!
Emily said…
I'm laughing at your grocery list, too! Very cute idea. And good work purging - I'm loving it, it feels sooo good!
Beth said…
I did the same thing to one of our large cabinet doors several months ago. No one, however, has written such sweet sentiments on it.
Sherry said…
I use the inside of my pantry and linen closet door to post any and everything - the family calendar, school notes, pictures, art work, etc. it isn't a cool chalkboard like yours - I don't think the landlord would appreciate me painting them.
Anna said…
But think about how great your arms would look after carrying those doors around for awhile.

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