How to be Rich.

Do you remember this?

Well, I will be back at it on Saturday ......................

Share your heart and SHARE THE LOVE with The Freight House Farmers' Market and the North Scott Food Pantry to support an amazing food drive.  

On Saturday, February 12, 2011 from 8:00 am until 1:00 pm The Freight House Farmers'  Market located in the Freight House Building at 421 West River Drive in lovely downtown Davenport, Iowa.  Donations accepted will include cash donations, market purchases, or any shelf stable foods from all customers and vendors for the to SHARE THEIR LOVE.  This way the visitors of the North Scott Food Pantry that serves Northern Iowa and rural Scott County can have the delicious and nutritious food to eat through out the year!

If you have a heart, then you must share your love on the Saturday prior to Valentine's Day for this Annual Food Drive.  Donors can help in a variety of ways, including bringing in shelf stable grocery items, purchasing such items at market from their favorite vendors and donating, making cash donations, or by purchasing Freight House Farmers' Market Gift Certificates and donating them to the food pantry. Gift certificates make an excellent alternative to fresh foods because The Pantry can come in and shop for what they need, when they need it, nothing will go to waste. The gift certificates can be redeemed for rarely donated items such as meats, poultry, eggs, cheeses and many other food options that may warm someone in needs heart and provide sustenance during the long, harsh, winter season.  

The North Scott Food Pantry, located in Eldridge, Iowa is open every Friday from 9:30 am until Noon.

Food insecurity continues to be a major problem in Iowa.  I hate that term!!!  It is hunger.  Pure and simple, hunger.

According to Iowa State Extension, 40% of all infants born in Iowa receive WIC (Women Infant and Children) benefits.  One in nine families, don't have enough to eat.  And we have seen a 50% increase in the use of food pantries and soup kitchens in the last 7 years. 

Here ... in the heart of America,  in the bread basket of the world ............. we have 25% of our Iowa children on food stamps.  It makes me sick.

I delivered some groceries to the North Scott Food Pantry a couple of weeks ago ..... their shelves need help.  And you can do it.

But I titled this ....... How to be Rich.

In my journey to know Christ, I struggle daily with obedience.  I listen to the sermons about opening my heart and my checkbook and I say ............. But God, how do I explain that to the power company?  Who will pay for that gas in the car? 

Fortunately, God has helped me slowly learn the lesson.  When we give freely and openly, we are blessed with riches from above.

Nope -- I'm not driving a Lexus.  Yep -- I still live in this drafty old farmhouse.  And I know for certain, Honey is not going to "Rock my World" on Valentine's Day as the jewelry store would like.

We can not be called "comfortable". But we are so very blessed.  The love that surrounds us daily is worth more than all the gold in the world.

Miss Eff's is pledging to start the drive with a bag of groceries and $50 in cash.  Can you match that??

Will you???

Making money is the way you make a living and giving it away is the way you make a life.
                                                                                                                         Mark Batterson


Teri said…
Absolutely beautiful!! So well said Cathy! You are an amazing blessing and inspiration to so many, and sharing it is so important. Keep up the good work!

Sharon Wren said…
I had to giggle over the "rock my world" part. We were watching TV over the weekend & saw that commercial. I told my Honey "some women want expensive bling for Valentine's Day, you have a wife who just wants a few chickens." I just talked w/ someone at Cafe on Vine the other day & she said they'd love donations of fresh fruit/veggies. Anybody ever have leftovers @ the farmers market?
Michelle said…
I love you, Miss Effie! :-)

And as soon as I get the post up today or tonight, there'll be an award for you on my blog.
Beth said…
Thank you for this post! We will be there on Saturday. Peace and blessings to you. And hope to see you Saturday. Love to you.

PS You will be glad to know that the twins often play "groceries" and they are usually going to your farm to get the eggs!
Darcy said…
So well said Cath, we love you for your huge heart and caring ways. Market wouldn't be the same without your infuence upon us all!
I will match that and up the anty to $75 and a bag of groceries! And Sharon, Market vendors ALWAYS donate to Cafe on Vine and the CCC Food Pantry. We love that they know what to do with REAL food! They can cook and actually know how to blanch and freeze produce! NOTHING goes to waste!
I am only saddened that I can not be there Saturday to help you with this task. But just think how smart I will be when I get back, lol, I need a day away! Hold the cash and we will convert it to gift certificates after all is said and done on.
You got my pledge baby, the check will be sitting where you can find it and the groceries will need to wait til I get a Momma sitter.
Blogger said…
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