Color my world.....................

I love this look.

Neutral.  Peaceful.  Elegant.

And so not me!

Today is a cloudy, gray windy day on the east coast of Iowa.  The house shakes from the strength of the wind.  And the heat-less upstairs chills me to the bone as I write this post.

And the only thing that warms me the sunny yellow of the office walls.

I crave color.

I was the gal that wore red shoes .......... in junior high! 

I organized my blue shoes ... not by the fact, that I had blue shoes .... but I had flat blue shoes, high heel blue shoes, sling back blue shoes and flip flop blue shoes.  And not ... navy blue shoes ... but robin's egg blue, Copenhagen blue,  pale blue, and royal blue.  (now .... its the color of my favorite muck boots.  Robin's egg blue with polka dots.)

Definitely not a neutral!

I know the decorators say ..... you can do anything with a neutral sofa.  Yea ... I can stain it with my morning coffee and get it dirty with the seat of my jeans. 

I know the decorators say .... you can add a "pop" of color.  But their "pops" of color ... leave me wishing for more.

Maybe its a flashback from growing up in the 70's.  It was the decade of avocado green, gold, and orange.  In fact, one of  the rooms in college was neon yellow and orange .... and it made you smile every time you entered the room!

I like smiling ......... because a color made me happy.

And don't tell me that neutrals are color!  Cuz every time I go to the hairdresser with my signature gray hair ... he asks if I want a color.  If gray was a color .... he would never ask!

I'm in the nesting mode.  And for the next month or two ... you will see a lot of color. 

I'm just hoping that decorators from HGTV don't put a big black rectangle over my blog!!!


Oh yes, I so understand this. That sofa wouldn't last a hot second in my house. I love yellow walls and slate floors. I love unpainted trim on the windows and my granny's green painted cedar chest. Keep the color coming.
Zan Asha said…
You echo my sentiments exactly! Happy New Year :)
Beth said…
I love that look too but not me really, especially since I choose to decorate in hand me down furniture from the 1970s. Avocado green and gold? Absolutely. In fact my kitchen walls scream of the color "Worn Avocado." As the wind whips wildly on this New Years Day start your nesting! Blessed 2012 to you.
You Miss Eff "Color my world" !

And yeah that wind we got just south of you...what a pain in the arse. Outside chores were wicked.
Teri said…
Cathy i TOTALLY understand the color thing! Me too! Just this past year I had my office at home and my office at work painted a rich warm yellow. The office at work is a little brighter and it was interesting to hear a couple of the comments when it was done, like the polite "It's so pretty....if you like a lot of color" Well, whatever, I DO like a lot of color. It's funny though because just recently one of those same people came into my office and looked around and said "I just want to live in your office - it's so happy in here". Um yeah, that's how I see it too. Maybe they're catching on. :)
Farm Girl said…
When I seen the "neutral living room" I thought, I don't want to knit there!

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