Its has been a very busy week.  Barely a moment to take a breath and ......... think. 

I have the urge to curl up with my knitting or a book in the lath house and relax as the soil dries out from yesterday's rain.  I'd like to hang a load of laundry in the sunshine.  Maybe bake a loaf of bread leisurely.

But that has wait for another day.  Today is busy.  Today is special.

Today ... I get to spend the day with my fibery sisters and we will share what we love.

We will wear blue jeans and sweatshirts.  We will sit on the ground and talk softly.  We will play with baby chicks, goats, a calf and share our love of our lives with 7 year-olds at school.  They will hold the babies and draw pictures ... and see "Charlotte's Web".

And maybe E. B. White will inspire them with the love of Wilbur..... like we were inspired.

Our nails are dirty.  Our jeans are stained.  Our noses are sun-burned.  And the work is never done.

Our vacations consist of a rainy day run to Kolona or a cold beer under a tree.

It is not a fancy life.

But it is ours.  And we are forever happy.


Jen (emsun.org) said…
I'm with you Miss Effie. My life may not be glamorous to the jetset, but I am extraordinarily happy.

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