Talking buildings.......

Been a little noisy here at Miss Eff's.  Lots of noise has been coming from the Summer Kitchen and all of it has been directed to Honey.

Maybe you remember this conversation that Honey had with the Summer Kitchen this spring??

I should put that differently. 

Do you remember the conversation that the Summer Kitchen had with Honey??

Well ... the patio that she had nagged about for sooo long is finally complete.  Of course, Honey  want to surprise her with it.


So he blindfolded her to show her the great reveal.

Honey ..... No peaking!!!

SK .... OK!!!  But can you hurry all ready???  You have made me wait months!!

Honey .... Look, Summer Kitchen, I did what you wanted.  I figured out the pattern.  I made the forms.  I poured the blocks.  I searched and searched and searched for the right color of concrete stain.  I hauled stone and packed it.  I hauled more sand and packed it.  And I spent two days, making sure it looked just right!

You can show a little patience.

SK .... Now????

Honey .... Now.


SK ..... Ohhhhhh.  I love it!  It fits perfectly!!! 

And it matches my chairs.  It is perfect!!!!

Honey .... Good.  I am glad you like it.  So we are done for a while.

SK .... Well, you are.  But tell that other person that I need some flowers and some planting.  And get rid of those lilies!  They are blocking everyone's view of me!!!

Honey .... I will tell her that.  I'm glad you are happy and maybe you will leave me alone for once.

SK.... There is just one more teeny tiny thing.

Honey.... NOW what?????

SK ... Does this make me look like a barn????



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