Just a little late!

Latest tea towel!

So ........ I am running just a little late.  Or just maybe ...... I am running ahead of schedule.

Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Not me!!

OK -- let's start out 2013 with a bit of a rant.

Remember this?????  

Well .......... 4.5 years later, the $1100 washing machine is at it again.  It has not taken hostages like it did in the past.  But its control panel lights up like the Vegas strip ............... and it sits there. No wash.  No rinse.  No spin.  Flashing its lights,  saying .... Nah! Nah! Boo! Boo! No laundry for you!

Currently, I am waiting for the final repair estimate.  They are hoping to get the control panel to fall under warranty.  Since the washer warranty is only one year ............ no one is too optimistic.   And now that  Bosch no longer makes laundry equipment ......... customer service may be out the door!

Which leads me to another point .................

Seriously, why does EVERYTHING break in January?????

We have replaced tires, tied on bumpers, replaced a 6 month old iron, removed a toe nail, checked heart rates, pulled blood tests and on Friday, the surgeons attempt to make my uterus bright and shiny again!

Seriously!  Nine days in ..... everything is falling apart.

Including Honey and Miss Eff.

Looks like its going to be an interesting year!


Ginny said…
We got hit with similar repairs!! Hope everything goes well for you on Friday.
Barb said…
My hubby just called me with the estimate on the latest car crisis. Seriously?!?!? I agree with you, Why January?!? Too bad we can't meet and drink some beers, huh?

Michelle said…
What - wait. Bosch no longer makes laundry appliances?!? Gulp; I have a Bosch washer/dryer set....

Praying for a long and healthy life for it and you and Honey!
melanie said…
You and Honey are just going in for a fluff and dry so that you can shine the rest of 2013!
Bluehair said…
New springs for the red beetle.....UGH!

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