Do you remember this post back in January???

Since January ...... we have replaced/ repaired the following.............

1996 Ford ranger finally bit the dust ....... replaced with a 2002 Ford Ranger
Iron ..... replaced .... and replaced again!
Snow blower .... repaired with a $15 part that every repair place said was unavailable.
Printer ... replaced.
Tires ... two.  Could not be repaired .. fortunately, road hazard kicked in for some of it!
Washer .... well, you know that saga!!!

So we were just going along ........

All is good!

Then Memorial Day Weekend comes around.  We had a low of 41 degrees and our furnace kicked in.

And the following death cry was heard .......

Clunk! Rattle! Rattle! Crash! Beep! Beep!

Yep ..... the 22-year-old furnace yelled out for help.

Now it can be repaired but the average life of a high-efficiency furnace is 15 years.  So it seems prudent to purchase a new furnace.

I have researching, getting bids and saving my money.

I have time.  I don't need heat.  And you know we don't have air conditioning so all is good at the Lafrenz household.

Until last week.

Honey was humming along with our 30 year old John Deere mower that we bought used 12 years ago.

This spring, he had put a new blade on, replaced the belts and installed new points and condenser.  It was good to go!!!

And then .............. the humming stop.

Yes .... our 30 year old mower bit the dust!  Well --- it could be repaired with the replacement of a new engine .........which costs more than we paid for the mower 12 years ago!!!!!  And that's with Honey doing all the work!


I may get those goats I wanted after all!!!!!


Michelle said…
Better your machinery than you! Just went to the memorial service of a friend yesterday; my age, breast cancer. It has shaken me much more than I expected. At least she was a woman of faith . . . amazing faith in amazing grace.

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