A Changing Landscape.....

You know how you make plans .... and then life happens!

I was a decorator by trade for several decades.  So my thought process is based in decorating terms.

Use what you have in different ways.
Then ... buy new.

We had a schedule of things we wanted to do this summer.  And then we had a "dark and stormy night".

We have done all the clean-up we can do so on Monday .... things change around here.

It is time to declutter.

Our ash tree is coming down.  I was hoping that there might be a way to save it but unfortunately, it is too far gone and far too dangerous to stay.

The main part of the tree will join this pile of fire wood.

We can use that next winter!

 And then ... there is the willow.  Willows just seem to say "Old farmhouse".  The dreamy feeling of swinging on the low hanging branches.  Picnics under the shade.   There is a sense of antiquity to willows... huge and gnarly trees that feel like they have been there forever.

But this tree is only 16 years old.  I bought a whip of a tree for $1.00 during a close out sale.  Yea ... a buck.  One dollar.  And now,  it is about 30 feet tall.

It too, is much too dangerous to leave standing.

It will be completely ground up into mulch ....

As will this pile.

And this pile.

And this pile.

We use a LOT of mulch.

And that will be a lot of decluttering!!!

So that all happens on Monday.

I'm just staying out of the way.  After all .... I did see "Fargo".  ;)

Those were the "unplanned" changes.

These .... well, these changes were written on sheets of paper and talked out last winter.

We need a new sidewalk.  So when we talked it out.... it just made sense to "extend" our porch with some additional living space.  This area will become a paver patio so the Sand Plum cherry will be moved toward the barn.

And the pavers arrived the Saturday before the storm .... so there is no turning back on that project!!!

I have not been happy with the landscaping in front of the house. The last couple of years, I have ignored it in anticipation of the new siding and paint.

I'm still ignoring it.

But I am very unhappy with the look of this shrub.

You can see why!!!  Seriously ... what is that thing??

Well ... it is a Contorted Fig or more commonly known, as a Henry Lauder's Walking Stick.

I WANTED one of these soooooooo bad!!!

But now????

Yea ... not so much.

Hopefully ... we will try to transplant it near the very dirty pond that also needs a make-over.  :(

So .. that is the de-cluttering, moving stages of our Landscape Decorating project.

I'll update you on new additions later!


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