Happy Happy Day!!!

Honey took the day off from work today!

I love having him here during the day.  We work extremely well together and we are looking forward to his retirement .... in the next few years.

He is finishing the sidewalk project.

You know the one .... the one we planned to start in June and had the pavers delivered only to have life in the form of an F1 tornado or straight line winds spin things around a bit!

But the now the trees are down, wood split and stacked, new trees planted.  So now it is on to the sidewalk.


Sidewalk is installed up to the old existing concrete which will be removed next year with the step project.


The new light is installed.  In the mulch space .... I will plant Munstead lavender border next spring.  


The reason for this part of the project was to expand our porch.  Due to the roof line ... we could not expand the porch physically.  But we could expand it visually.

In the future .... the patio will extend to the left .... making an entertainment area just for us.

But today's project is to build the step on to the porch and get the railing back in place.  

Then there are doors to be stained and lights to be put on the porch.

Cuz ya know ..................

The List NEVER ends.



Kelly said…
I love it.....I think you made a great choice for that space. (the light is perfect)
colleen said…
Love the patio and the light too...It is looking so cozy!!

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