Guess what season it is?????

Some of you may say ... spring!

And although that brings the flower farmer in me a lot of joy ..... that's not it.

It is the DIY season ... exterior edition.

Now DIY season .... can be very very short.

Like last year, when this catastrophe happened.

Not a huge thing ... but by the time the trees were cut down, stumps removed and new trees planted in their place ..... $2300 had disappeared out of my DIY budget.  And that doesn't count the time spent ... cleaning up, splitting wood, planting and watering new trees, and moving mulch.  Etc.  Etc.

And our list last year ...... pretty much zip got accomplished!

Now that we have far fewer large trees casting shade on the farm, maybe the chances of those type of events will be less.  We can only hope!

So ..... do you want to see my list for this season??

Really???  Well, it is my blog and you have to see it anyway! ;)

 The barn/garage needs a new roof and gutters.  This is the number 1 priority.  In fact, so much so, I have been getting bids and would like to have it done before mid-May.  Can't have roofers crushing my flowers that are around the base of the barn!

 This is one of the projects that got put off last year .... finish the siding and scrape the 2nd story window frames on the east side of the house.  The windows probably need new sills .....although we might be able to save them with epoxy products.  The good news .... we have everything we need to complete this project.

This is the base of the bay window.  At one time, we had hoped we could repair the panels.  But it really looks like they need to be totally replaced.  So that is on the list.

 A top priority for Honey .... this is the new kitchen window.  The south side of the house is letting a lot of cold air seep through.  The current window is the newest window in the house ... and the worst!

So it will be replaced with this solid wood window we had made.  It is smaller than our current window but is a double hung window like the rest of the house.  Being smaller ... it will give me a little more space for wall cabinets in the future.

We will also be replacing the door into the kitchen ... but that is not ready for its photo shoot!!

I have a few other things that I want to accomplish ..... I want all new wood storms and screens on the east side of the house.  That's seven new storms.  We will see if I can get that done.

And then, there is the dream of a new tin ceiling.  Sigh.

It won't get done until I get some flowers planted ............

Yep, that's up next.  Talking flowers!

And I. Can't. Wait!


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