Getting 'er done!

Last week, I showed you the back side of the barn

On Friday ... everything changed!  First of all, at 8 am, nine guys hopped out of a truck and two minutes later they were scrambling up on the roof!

And by 10:30 ....... everyone was packed up and on their way to their next project.  After handing me a bid for the next project.  ;)

These guys were super friendly, polite, neat and clean.  And I am totally thrilled with their workmanship and work ethic.

We are a little poorer but I am happy with the prospect of a gigantic sewing/knitting area in the future.  And Honey is happy to work in there without getting wet!  But until then .... we have a timber frame barn that will last several generations more.

So here it is done .........

Next on the agenda ...... taking care of this!

Really????  And I call myself a gardener???  This is a shady area though it is getting more sun since the demise of the willow tree last summer.  There are a few lilies but mostly hostas.  It provides a nice view for those relaxing in the corn-zebo.

And another photo ..... just to publicly bring shame on the farmer!

I am totally frustrated with the number of scrub trees that show up year after year.  I feel we spend a lot of time every spring digging out cottonwood, elm, mulberry and maple saplings out of our yard. 

And trust me .... they weren't there in August last year!!!!!

Saturday morning .... we dug into this mess!  I dug up unwanted flowers.  I divided a few hostas and moved a few lilies.

And I pulled weeds and weeds and more weeds.

We rearranged "garden art".  We tore down the old trellis.  Honey mulched and I planted containers.

All the while, Tinker was in her supervisory position. 

And in the end, we have this.

Here is another view ............

It needs a bit of color on the side of the barn.  Not sure what .... so I will search until I find the right piece.  A great piece of metal advertising art would be good. 

That big heavy stately mass of metal is a corn nubber.  It has a pedal, like my spinning wheel, that turns the wheel and cuts ear corn into 3" pieces.  I love it!  I think it is a fabulous piece of art in the garden.  It has been in three different gardens ........ but this will be its last.  We have had it for 18-19 years ...... and we are getting too old to move that monster around!!!

But my dear Honey still got the job done..... with little to no help from the wimp!  ;)

To add some color to the area .... I planted lots of Ambassador Rose wax begonias around the base of the corn nubber and in small patches.

Can you see them?????

Yea ... the plugs are tiny but they will quickly grow and cover the stones that the corn nubber sits on.

Phase one of our weekend is in the books!  More pictures and gardens to come.

Now to get these things in bloom!!!!


Michelle said…
The barn and cleaned-up bed look wonderful!
Miss Effie said…
Thank you, Michelle. It is amazing what a little elbow grease will do!!!

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