Ode to Annie Lennox

Yes .... "Sweet Dreams". 

Cuz if that doesn't get ya moving on this wet rainy day ... well, you must be dead.

Back in December, I wrote this post about home sewn pillowcases.

I have to tell you ........... I'm still in love with making pillowcases. 

Look at these cute little birds!

I have been trying to get the Summer Kitchen stocked for our Christmas Bazaar.  (Which will be held Saturday, December 5th from 9-3.  Mark your calendars!!)

This is going to take a while! 

Owwza!!!  It needs a lot of merchandise before then!

Sew ...... I have been trying to get my sewing mojo on.  During a summer of flower-growing and weeding, I only do very very very quick projects.  Like 15-minutes-at-the-sewing-machine type projects.

Pillowcases are advertised as a 15-minute project. 

Rick-Rack.  My favorite!

They lie.

I am certain I have no idea what part takes 15 minutes.

Ticking and Paisley???  Yes, please!!!

Choosing between all the gorgous fabrics available???  More than 15 minutes.

And piping!

Figuring out trim and do I have enough in the stash???  More than 15 minutes.

Antique linen lace on this one!

Digging through my stash???  More than 15 minutes.  Totally more than 15 minutes!!!


Making the perfect french seam?????  More than 15 minutes!

This set has such an elegant traditional look.

Pressing ... pressing .... pressing.  More than 15 minutes. 

Definitely more than 15 minutes!!

(As I tell my classes .... you must press well as you are sewing.  It forms the basis for a beautiful item later.  You will never get those seams to hang properly if you do not press them right when you sew them)

I think I could become a pillowcase addict.  Once you realize the beauty of some of the fabric that is available .... it is worth making set after set.

There will be some new looks coming soon.

But as I said back in December ..... not a single super hero or Disney princess will grace the Summer Kitchen.

Cuz I only sew for those that might remember the Eurythmics.


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