Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Junior High ... revisited

Were you popular in high school?

Were you part of the "in" crowd?

Were you cool??

I wasn't.

I soooooooooooooo wasn't.

I wasn't athletic.  I was so-so smart.  I wasn't pretty.  And I definitely wasn't popular.

I could knit .... and I could knit well.  And I sat in front of a 1951 Singer Sewing machine for hours ... and frustrated my mother as she tried to teach me to sew.  I did learned how to use a seam ripper well.    ;)

Trust me, you will not be a popular girl if you carry sharp sticks and scissors with you at all times.


And to this day .... I am still the same person.  Un-cool.

And that brings me to Miss Eff's County Cozy Christmas Bazaar.

Wanna know what you will find here?

Well .... you are not going to find the coolest, newest, hippest items in town.  Whatever they may be this year!  I am so un-cool, I don't even know what is cool now.

What you will find are carefully made products with a sense of tradition, durability and environmental stewardship.  And hopefully, heirloom quality items that can be passed down to the next generation.

You will find pillowcases with antique linen lace.

You will find tea towels with tiny hand-embroidered stitches.

You will find hand knit fingerless mitts and fluffy warm scarves.

You will find aprons with flirty ruffles and aprons that are so practical ... they are reversible!

You will find slippers ... just like Grandma used to knit.  Why???  Because it is the pattern that is burned into my brain ..... still today.

And you will find practical items .... like clothes pin bags, tissue cozies, cute produce bags for the farmers' market and washable fabric bowl covers like this one.  (Don't you LOVE this reproduction vintage fabric??)

Simple.  Practical.  Natural.

That is how I describe Miss Eff's Country Cozy Christmas Bazaar.  We will be handing out warm cider and homemade cookies from 9 to 3 on December 5th, 

And hugs.  It's Miss Eff's.  We do hugs.

Please come .....   Because if you come, it will be cool.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Coming Attractions......

My favorite part of the movie theater attractions was always ..... what is coming next.

Well ... I have got a biggie for you now.

It is countdown time for the 2nd Annual Miss Effie's Country Cozy Christmas Bazaar.


Julie and I will be back at it again .... trying to create and make fun Christmas gifts for you. 

Everything is handmade.  We ship no products in from China.  Embroidered, sewn, thrown, knitted, spun, felted and cooked....... it is done by Julie or myself or purchased directly from local friends ..... that make the products themselves.



So mark your calendars for Saturday December 5th ... from 9 to 3 at the Summer Kitchen at Miss Effie's. Christmas on the farm .... the ducks, cats and chickens will greet you.  (Great help and cheap!!!!  They work for chicken feed!!!)

My own personal crafting focus is two-fold.  I try to make environmentally sound products from quality materials that my Grandmother would recognize.

As I say ..... she made a mean fried chicken dinner but had no idea where the "nugget" came from.

I am super excited about my latest sewing projects ....

I've had these on my to-do list for a while but finally got to them on Sunday.

Instant. Love.

Washable ... reusable ... bowl covers that eliminate the need for plastic wrap or foil.

They are lined with a fabric that can easily be wiped and will prevent liquid from seeping through the fabric.


They fit an 8" Pyrex bowl as well as a 5 quart Kitchen Aid mixing bowl.

They are only $10 ...... there will be larger ones for $15.00.

Wanna know the BEST thing about these????? 

I got to buy more fabric!!!!

Remember .... Country Cozy Christmas Bazaar .... December 5th!!!!! 

(Don't worry ..... I'll remind you again.  And maybe again.)