Keeping it local..............

Saturday, I had a great day at the market! OK -- I always have a great day at the market. But on Saturday, I got to teach another class .... this time, making salsa.

I go into the market ... say hello to my dear friend, Darcy and rush down the aisle to Four Daughters coffee to get an iced coffee with caramel, chocolate and whipped cream. YUMMMM! Yes .. I know I shouldn't but once a week ....... and Cory makes them sooooo good!

Next -- I go visit Sheepie Neighbor to pick up some nutritious breakfast .... in the way of shortbread cookies. Again, yummm and yes, they are all gone! After a hug from my friend Gwen, I am off to get set up for my demo.

IF you don't shop a local farmers market .... you need to get on the bandwagon now! (and seriously, have you listened to anything I've been saying???) But truly, I love love love this market.

No .... that's not right. I love the people ... the people who shop a farmers market and the people that vend at a farmers market. I love standing at a booth and a little girl comes running up to me ......... Miss Effie! Miss Effie! I love the pretty colors of the peppers. I love the vendors that come up to me ......... Do you need anything for your demonstration? Can we help you? And then they tell me that I am part of the market.

I love seeing the different bouquets walk away, the dark green shell of a Moon and Stars watermelon and the sweet scent of the peaches. I love the heirloom tomatoes that smell like the soil where they grew. I love the pretty jewelry, the hand-woven rugs, the sparkling jars of jam.

Yea ..... I love that market.

And I love what local foods can do for a community.

So .... on September 4th, Miss Effie and a band of friends will be heading to Fairfield, IA for a local food conference. Denise O'Brien and Dave Swenson will be keynote speakers. Its gearing us up for the Local Food Summit on September 26th at Augustana College.

I'll be telling you more later. But this week, just for me......... visit a farmers market near you. It will refresh your soul and do your community more good than you can imagine.


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