I try to have a consistent theme to my posts. This one ...... not so much. This is just the happenings and not-so-happenings around the farm.

In the next 4-5 months, I will be doing a lot of demonstrations, classes and public speaking. Yikes!! I just hope I can keep it all straight!

I was offered the chance to teach five adult education classes at Scott Community College through their continuing education program. Some of the classes I have taught before which is nice because the recipes and hand-outs are ready to go. I'm very excited about a couple of classes.

I'm teaching Pizza, Pizza again where we make the crust for a gourmet-style pizza with roasted veggies. And during the class, we will make the mozzarella cheese to go on the pizza. So that will be fun! Besides .... no one will get mad if I talk with my mouth full!!!

And then. I am teaching a winter jam class .... using items easily stored or purchased at the grocery stores. We will make apple pie jam (YUM! My customers' favorite!) Sunshine Jam ( a pretty blend of dried apricots, pineapple and oranges) and then finish it off with a traditional English orange marmalade.

There are other classes and speeches too. I'm really excited about teaching a salsa class at the Freight House Farmers market on Aug 29 ..... the market will be really spicy that day! Salsa contest among vendors (and yes, I'm hoping they will take my entry even if I am not a vendor!) and salsa dancing. Which I won't be doing..... nope, ya can't pay me enough!!!!!!!

I have been doing a lot of thrifting lately. $20 and a thrift store or two. I have had the nesting bug BAD!!! I want to re-decorate, re-do, re-make. And at the moment -- there isn't a lot of money in the budget for that.

So .... I've been changing things in little ways.

A yellow tablecloth for $2 ... an embroidered topper for $5 and a candle stand that started life (and will re-live again!) as a crystal cake stand ........ for $2.38.

I freecycled this bench. The woman that gave it away said it wasn't very sturdy and should be used for display only. Well, Honey and I have re-built a couple of these benches in the past so we were not daunted. Turns out ........ there were screws missing! Literally. We replaced and tightened the screws and I cleaned the very dirty finish with deck scrub and applied teak oil. Total cost ......... under $12. Love it!!

And finally, I'm not the only one, flitting from place to place. Yesterday, outside my kitchen window, I spotted this goldfinch. I zoomed as much as possible (zoom-zoom-zoom!) A really nice moment while I was doing dishes.

Hope we all have a special moment to brighten the day.


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